Qianyi Zhou

I am a staff research scientist at the Intel Visual Computing Lab.

My research interests lie in the field of computer vision and computer graphics. In particular, I tackle the challenges in 3D modeling. The ultimate goal of my research is to make computers perceive the 3D reality of the physical world, which is the foundation of many important applications.

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Most Recent Project

Code release on Github

Recently I cleaned up some ancient projects and put the code on Github. I am not intending to provide support for these projects. But the code is still in good shape and I hope they are useful somewhere. The code is released under the MIT license. You can use the code freely with proper attribution.

Projects released recently: TopoMender  UrbanReconstruction 

Projects released earlier: FastGlobalRegistration  ElasticReconstruction 

More excitingly, I am preparing a major release of a complete 3D geometry processing suite. It should be ready very soon. Stay tuned!